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1 June with Brigitta Bulgari

Spend your time, invest your feelings, spread the good energy. Brigitta Bulgari gonna be with us this weekend! Come along and join us! Book table at +40735698595 | Regular bar included |

Brigitta Bulgari is a hot slut who has bright blonde hair and a strong desire to please. This Hungarian's desires are similar to those of other Eastern European porn stars who regularly open up all their holes for practically anyone to pound. Brigitta also went by the names Brigitta Buy Kocsis, Brigitta Bui, Brigitte Bui and just Brigitta, but she prefers Brigitta Bulgari. She joined the porn biz in 2003 and went off the radar in 2008. Having started her career as a high-fashion model, some people were surprised when she opted to fuck on film. She was tired of spending every day studying for college and all night working as a model. Her friend from Italy suggested she do porn and Brigitta loved it. She wanted to become a sex symbol, which is exactly what she did.